Parental Packs

Parental Packs

A parental pack

Our Trust Parental Packs were first launched back in 2005 to help and support employees who are expecting a baby.  A pack contains several general information leaflets and booklets and has been put together to help answer any questions or concerns you may have, from breastfeeding to child tax credits.  There is also information and tips for new dads, as well as questions to ask when looking for day nurseries or childminders.

In 2010 our Parental Pack went electronic!  You can now access all the same information (and much more) from this very page.  Although we appreciate some people may like to receive a pack in the post, we ask you to consider the benefits of our Electronic Parental Pack:

  • More environmentally-friendly and saves paper and trees
  • Saves money in postage
  • Packs are large and bulky so someone needs to be in when delivered
  • You decide which leaflets to download and websites to visit
  • Leaflets can be saved to your own computer for convenient access whenever you want it
  • You can access the pack whilst on maternity leave with no need to contact work!
  • Our online pack is updated regularly

The Electronic Parental Pack can be found below.  Please browse down the links and icons and click on any that interest you or are relevant to you.

Electronic Parental Pack


pregnancy logo


Bookstartlogo website



'Bookstart' website




fideliti booklet 

Breastfeeding and Work - information for employees and employers



Fideliti Childcare Vouchers - employee information booklet




 0-5 years

Dad.Info - pocket guide for dads



0-5 Years - Essential guide to early learning and childcare 


birth-to-five   pregnancy-book 

 Birth to Five - Dept of Health leaflet



 The Pregnancy Book - Dept of Health booklet





HMRC introduction to child tax credit and working tax credit



HMRC guide to child tax credit and working tax credit





HMRC child tax credit and working tax credit - other types of help you could get



HMRC working tax credit - the childcare element





NCT - Dad's view: becoming a parent



NCT - Dad's view: early days with your baby 




nhs discounts logo

'Netmums' website



'NHS Discounts' website





Off to the best start: important information about feeding your baby - leaflet



Pregnancy Care Planner on the NHS Choices website





Questions for parents when looking for a childminder



Questions for parents when looking for a day nursery 


 maternity    paternity

 Maternity Q&As leaflet



 Paternity Q&As leaflet





'Ask Sid' leaflet


'Sheffield Information Link' website





Teenage Immunisations - NHS leaflet



A Guide to Immunisations up to 13 months (Dept of Health leaflet) 





'Start4Life' Introducing Solid Foods - Dept of Health leaflet



Seatbelts and child restraints - safety leaflet

 Lesbian couple    gay dads

'Pregnant Pause' - a guide for lesbians on how to get pregnant (by Stonewall)


A Guide for Gay Dads (by Stonewall)



Please email us and tell us what you think of our electronic pack.

As if the above isn't enough you can access even more information and other websites via our Other Useful Links page!

If you would still prefer to request a Parental Pack in the post then you can do by emailing us, stating the address you would like it to be sent to.  The current stock is being run down, after which point you will only be able to access the pack online as above.

This page was last updated on 10th September 2012